Remember No More

Remember when you got butterflies whenever I came around

Remember when our love was new

Remember the feeling you got the first time you kissed my lips

Now stop remembering and let’s make us new again

Bake to how it is and not how it was lol

I don’t want to remember anymore

I want to live it once more



when love dont love you no more

Love loved me once but now it walking out the front door

It said it couldn’t take loving me anymore more

The love I gave just wasn’t enough

So love left me on a cold and cloudy day

What do you do when love don’t love you no more

Somebody please answer that question for me

Because I’m lost in the without you

Come look at the world as me.


Come and have a look into my world where there are no boundaries and life is limitless. Where poetry flows freely like the water on the banks of the Mississippi and images dance like the flames of a campfire. Come to My place where the imagination runs free. Free. Free as the wind blowing past you. Free to be. Just be. Come to my world and get to know me through the arts of my heart. Just come and let me teach you how to be free. Free.